About Me

​My name is Elle and I wasn't one of the lucky few who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up.

Let's be honest, I still haven't grown up but
                      I do know what I want to do and that feels liberating.

Lifted Karma Project came to me when I was personally shopping for cannabis inspired jewelry to wear. A PNW transplant from Ohio, I was finally able to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis. I had never been to Washington, yet alone Seattle when I set out on my journey across the country. I'm not sure I chose Seattle as much as Seattle chose me.

A year after settling into the Seattle area,
                                I landed a job in the cannabis industry. 

This was the biggest blessing
                         I could ask for, seriuosly.

Let's talk about the cannabis community. This is a community that has the word we rarely hear anymore- character. Farms, retailers, medical, recreational; I was exposed to stories and people that forever changed the course of my life.

It is with great pleasure I launch Lifted Karma Project. A line of jewelry and products inspired by cannabis with the motivation to break down stereotypes and offer products that can be proudly worn or gifted. 

Stay Lifted, Go High. 

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