A little about the name Lifted Karma Project:

It's a fusion of the key components of inspiration of what I wanted to create in this journey.

Lifted is used in the cannabis community to refer to the elevated state of being high and I felt it was a great term to signify the theme of my brand and products. I'm an avid believer of Karma. It is my mental checks and balances system and something very important to me is paying it forward. Lifted Karma Project donates to World Vision and the ASPCA a portion of every sale.  

Lastly, project refers to evolving journey of LKP. Since inception as a very, very part-time hobby, its already led me on a road I never would've guessed. The more people I meet along the way, have continued to push and develop LKP effortlessly. I look forward to the journey, and truly grateful for all of the support and love.  
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World Vision

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Welcome to Hitting the Window with Nick and Lyna,  We are not your typical couple doing a podcast! So sit back and Hit the Window with us each week as we share our candid conversation inspired by all the crazy stuff that happens in our lives, the world around us and yes a little cannabis!
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Our mission is to become a community to share ideas, recipes, etiquette, and pro-tips about smoking marijuana to help every stoner woman live her best life.
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The Her(B) Life
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GreenLove encompasses ideas of a cannabis lifestyle for millenials. lit yogi, environmentalism, sustainability, and living an eco-conscious lifestyle.  
Because we believe that cannabis has created more good in our lives than harm and we want to advocate for legalization, the end of stigma and for more women to create the lives they've always wanted within this industry.